Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Organizations Don't Tweet, People Do - Chapters 26-35

Click HERE for details about the chat. Reminder: We're using Hootcourse http://hootcourse.com/course/2242/for this chat. This will help keep the chat organized in one place over several weeks. Also, choosing to post only some tweets to the main Twitter feed will keep from flooding your followers if you think the conversation won't be of much interest to them.  

Q 31) "Online conversations force us to lighten up" Loc 2278 - Are you more at ease online, How so? What impacts would this have in your "physical" world org conversations?

Q 32) "...the ROI of preventing Social media in your organization." Loc 2271 -  How have you confronted the debate about the value of Social Media for learning? Any Wins?

Q 33) "...People are pompous because they are nervous." Loc 2306 - What pomposity have you faced re: SoMe use? Have you employed forgiveness and assistance to overcome?

Q 34) "You can't manage knowledge but you can create a knowldge ecology." Loc 2371 What actions need to be taken/avoided to help knowledge ecologies thrive?

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