Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Power of Pull" Ch 7 and Wrap-Up

Thanks again to Don Bolen and Steve Maul for the questions, and to everyone who participated in this book chat. I thought we had a volunteer to lead the next one but appear to have been wrong about that. These tend to pop up in serendipitous ways when we have a confluence of facilitator and book interest, so stay tuned for news of future chats.  

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Q19  (Chapter 7) How do you address the "not invented here" mindset? How can you "foster a learning disposition?" loc 3749

QWrap1 (let's abbreviate QW1) We've heard few dissenting voices in this chat. Any criticisms/concerns about the ideas we've seen? 

QWrap2 (QW2) What elements of push in your world do you find hardest to overcome? Has book given you any ideas? (ex: continuing investment in knowledge stocks = constrains agility)

QWrap3  (QW3) What will you do do differently now? How can you live "Power of Pull" in your life/work? 

QWrap4 (QW4) Access/attraction/achievement: What skills do you/we need to build? 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Power Of Pull Chapters 5 & 6 = Part 2

Here are additional questions on Chapter 6. Thanks to Don Bolen .

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Q18 How do you facilitate, nurture and support the collaboration mindset over the control mindset?

Q17 How do you find the cross pollinators? How would you move talent development from a push to pull program?

Questions on Chapter 7 and discussion wrap-up will be available Wednesday, 8 am ET. Please contribute any closing questions you might have.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Power Of Pull Chapters 5 & 6

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a happy, healthy holiday break.  This week we'll discuss Chapters 5 & 6. Reminder: We are discussing via HootCourse, which keeps us from flooding the Twitter feeds of those not participating, but you can choose to publish your own comments to Twitter.

 If you are enrolled in the course, anything Tweeted with the hashtag #lrnbkpull, including quotes from your Kindle, will appear in the HootCourse feed.  HootCourse doesn't yet have an app but can be accessed via a mobile device browser at

Chapter 5 questions, thanks to Don Bolen (@dbolen): 

Q14 How are you pursuing your passion?

Q15 How do you deal with those in the org that want to go back to an earlier era? ref. Clay Shirky - Loc 2591

Q16 How can you use deep listening in a L&D context?

Chapter 6 questions this weekend.