Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Organizations Don't Tweet, People Do - It's a wrap!

What a  great experience!  Jane and I want to thank all the participants in this edition of Learn Book (#lrnbk), in particular Jean marrapodi (@jmarrapodi), Tracy Wright (@Tracylhwright), Lorraine Taylor (@134Lorraine), Debra Beck (@npmaven), and Danna Revis (@s_trainer) for some great questions, interesting perspectives and rich dialog.

In particular I want to give a big thanks to Tom Spiglanin (@tomspiglanin) for his offerings both in the form of formal questions and multiple interactions that offered great value throughout our conversations about the book.

Finally, we had the wonderful treat of having the author, Euan Semple's (@euan) presence in our conversations. Thanks Euan, you added valuable clarifications and insights throughout.

Until next time.


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