Thursday, April 12, 2012

Organizations Don't Tweet, People Do - Final questions Chaps 36-45

Below are the final questions for this Learn Book (#lrnbk) edition.

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Q35) What similarities/differences exist between Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs? Actions? Processes?

 Q36) "Trolls" can be disruptive influences in online communities - How have you dealt with them? How best to convert them to friends?

 Q37) How can social media help organizations deal with internal crisis? Examples?

 Q38) How can using social media weaken the (Taylorist) assumptions about work?

 Q39) Expressing your ideas publicly invites reaction. How do you feel when people don't see the world as you do?

 Q40) What's your "Final Word" about the book? What is your greatest takeaway?

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