Thursday, April 5, 2012

Organizations Don't Tweet, People Do: Wrapup (Chs 26-on)

We're wrapping this up now. Please add any additional final questions in the comments area.

Click HERE for details about the chat. Reminder: We're using Hootcourse for this chat. This will help keep the chat organized in one place over several weeks. Also, choosing to post only some tweets to the main Twitter feed will keep from flooding your followers if you think the conversation won't be of much interest to them.  

Q26) Q) social tools tend to appeal to the disenfranchised ... You're here... Are you disenfranchised? How so, edgling? #lrnbk

Q27) Q) How can SoMe help you become an innovator, possessing the key skills  identified in loc 1982? #lrnbk

Q28) Why do organizations insist on 'sanitizing innovation', and how can we overcome that? #lrnbk 

Q29) How do we keep from losing the signal along with the noise? #lrnbk

Q30) "Aim for rules and guidelines that enable rather than disable use."  Examples?

Thanks to all our participants, particularly author Euan Semple! Next up: Jean Marrapodi has an idea for another book, so stay tuned for details. 

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