Monday, January 26, 2015

#Lrnbk "Don't Go Back to School" Week 2 Begins

Q7. What were similarities in the way those profiled learn? Differences?” #lrnbk
Q8. What do the profiles tell us about achieving mastery? #lrnbk
Q9. Do the people profiled have any shared characteristics? What? #lrnbk
Q10. What does Stark's book tell us about motivations for learning? Who will learn what, when? #lrnbk

Saturday, January 24, 2015

#Lrnbk Don't Go Back to School: Week 1, Final Question

Q6)  Looking back on your own education: Was it worth the time/money/investment? Would you do it again? What would you do differently? #lrnbk

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

#lrnbk "Don't Go Back To School" Questions 4 &5

Q4) Stark says, "Nobody told me that liberal arts graduate school is a professional school for professors." What was your own experience with your college major (or some other area of concentrated study)? Did you get what you'd hoped? #lrnbk

Q5) Which of the profiles did you most relate to, and why? #lrnbk

Last question of the week coming Friday, new set coming Monday, January 26.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Welcome to the First #Lrnbk Chat of 2015!

Hi, everyone. Welcome to returning #lrnbk-chatters and newcomers. We'll be posting a few questions from now through February 6, with a final wrap on February 9.  We're discussing Stark's Don't Go Back to School and expect that the author will be popping in. Our hosts this time are @JaneBozarth, Mark Britz @britz, Helen Blunden @ActivateLearn, Rachel Burnham @BurhnamLandDand @Michelle OckersChat is asynchronous so you can participate whenever it's convenient.

To participate, follow the @lrnbk Twitter account and the #lrnchat tag. (If you're new to Twitter remember to add #lrnbk to your tweets. Tools like TweetChat can automate that for you.)

We'll post full-length questions here with abbreviated versions on Twitter. 

So to start:  

  1. Why the conversation? What do Stark and those profiled see as problems with traditional/formal education? #lrnbk
  2. Stark says that too much energy is focused on the wrong problem: the issue is not "fixing school" but offering alternatives/showing other paths. Agree? Disagree? Why or why not? #lrnbk
  3. What are the limits of "school"? Why highlight those who chose another path? #lrnbk
We look forward to a fun chat!