Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Organizations Don't Tweet, People Do, Chs 16-25 pt 2

Click HERE for details about the chat. Reminder: We're using Hootcourse for this chat. This will help keep the chat organized in one place over several weeks. Also, choosing to post only some tweets to the main Twitter feed will keep from flooding your followers if you think the conversation won't be of much interest to them. 

#lrnbk participant Tom Spiglanin has been blogging alongside this chat. Be sure to see his great post "Social Media: Give More to Get More."  

We wrap up our discussion of leadership, connectedness, and listening today with a few additional questions:

Q23) How can mngrs work 2 be more vulnerable if the culture is unsupporting of "weakness"? Loc: 1464

Q24) If you agree that an ephemeral meritocracy will ultimately emerge what growing pains will we see prior? Loc: 1479

Q25) “Social tools can unleash creativity in the workplace." Have you seen examples? Have YOU become more creative at work b/c of social media? 

We begin book wrap-up on Thursday. 

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