Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Power of Pull" chapters 3 & 4 Part 1

Chapters 3 and 4 address "Access" and "Achieve".  

[Partial recap of Chs 1 & 2 courtesy Barbara Smith-- see link in previous post. Nice discussion of "The Edge" from Mark Britz (@britz) at

Q9. How would you explain the difference between "push programs" and "pull platforms" to your boss/other?

Q10. How many "surface areas" do you have? How many would you say most people in your immediate world have? How can we increase those?

Q11. What do you think of the idea that we have a certain "disposition" to access and attract attention? Does that mean some will always be excluded?

Q12. Chapter 4 offers extensive discussion of the move to pull platforms. What are the implications for L&D? Consider things like traditional HR and management roles and training. 

Q13. From Steve Maul: "Arguments against “push” seem to focus on zero-sum game and that they were borne out of a contrived scarcity of resources.  Unfortunately, scarcity does actually exist in some circumstances - whether it be materials, human knowledge, skills or finance." Your response?

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