Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Power Of Pull Chapters 5 & 6

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a happy, healthy holiday break.  This week we'll discuss Chapters 5 & 6. Reminder: We are discussing via HootCourse, which keeps us from flooding the Twitter feeds of those not participating, but you can choose to publish your own comments to Twitter.

 If you are enrolled in the course, anything Tweeted with the hashtag #lrnbkpull, including quotes from your Kindle, will appear in the HootCourse feed.  HootCourse doesn't yet have an app but can be accessed via a mobile device browser at

Chapter 5 questions, thanks to Don Bolen (@dbolen): 

Q14 How are you pursuing your passion?

Q15 How do you deal with those in the org that want to go back to an earlier era? ref. Clay Shirky - Loc 2591

Q16 How can you use deep listening in a L&D context?

Chapter 6 questions this weekend. 

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