Friday, December 17, 2010

Power of Pull Chapters 1 & 2, Part 2

This is proving to be a fun discussion with lots of participants!  Here are some more questions, with help from Karen Burpee and Steve Maul. Remember to join us at HootCourse .

Q5. How can edge participants help to facilitate the move from push to pull? How to establish trust relationships between edge participants and organizations?

Q6. When an executive (or leader) wants to promote "pull" - what actions or behaviors best demonstrate the commitment? 

Q7.What are the ways organizations can foster “Creation Spaces” for optimal Pull?

Q8.Authors talk about 'old style' networking v. new. What has been your experience of that? What's changed, and what's been the result? Wrap-up questions Monday. We'll start chapters 3 & 4 next Wednesday, 8 am ET.

Can I get a volunteer to write up a recap of the conversation?

Thanks, Jane

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