Sunday, December 5, 2010

New book chat on "Power of Pull" #lrnbkpull

Time for another Twitter-based book chat! Since his opening keynote at DevLearn 10, people have been fired up about John Seely Brown's "Power of Pull". It's available in hardback and for Kindle.

In order to keep from flooding the Twitter stream (and to keep others using the lrnbk tag from flooding ours) we'll use Hootcourse. You can sign in w/ your Twitter account at .  You need to choose whether you want to publish your comments to the Twitter stream (easy to turn this on and off).  Hashtag is #lrnbkpull; HootCourse will add this to your tweets.

To accommodate folks in different time zones discussion will be asynchronous. I'll post questions here (please send me your ideas for questions), then people can join in conversation via the Hootcourse link,

The book has 7 chapters of about 30 pages each, and people  agree that 2 chapters at a time will be manageable.


--Discussion of Chapters 1 and 2 will start on Dec 15. I'll post questions here at 8 am ET.

--Discussion of Chapters 3 and 4 will start on Dec 22. I'll post questions here at 8 am ET

--We'll skip the week after Christmas.

--Discussion of 5 and 6 will start on Jan 5. I'll post questions here at 8 am ET

--Chapter 7 and wrap-up on Jan 12. I'll post questions here at 8 am ET

OK? Details on this blog.

Discussion via HootCourse .Hootcourse will add hashtag #lrnbkpull.

Let's rock!


  1. This is really cool! I need to get and read. Thank you!

  2. Sure. Glad to have you with us. This is our 4th book and we've *almost* figured it out...

  3. Jane, does Hootcourse allow discussion comments to be longer than 140 characters (if you post through FB, for example)? I read on their site that they can accommodate longer posts, but they do it through a linked blog setup (I didn't really get that). So I thought I'd just ask (as someone who thinks 140 is fine for broadcast, but sux for discussion).

  4. Doug, Hootcourse has 140 limit, same as twitter. THIS is the blog the instructor can link to. I don't agree that it sucks for discussion; we've had successful book chats this way before. At any rate, this one's underway now with several people who've participated in the past. Feel free to lead the next discussion using whatever tech you like.


  5. Thanks for clarifying that. 140's just not my medium, I guess -- I find it impossible to reference what you said, reflect on it, and add something to the discussion in that small a soundbite. It's a frustration I have with #lrnchat, too -- it seems like it's lots of people posting tweets, with very few replying to others or building into a fuller discussion.

    But given Twitter's growth, I'm clearly in the minority :-)

  6. Doug, sorry you don't like the Twitter format. I don't like tedious threaded multi-day forum discussions. Again, feel free to host the next bookchat using any technology you like. This one will be finished mid-January.

  7. Elizabeth yes you do! We start on Wednesday!