Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Power of Habit" Section 1, Part 1

Welcome to the #lrnbk chat
on Duhigg's "Power of Habit"

#lrnbk is an occasionally-happening Twitter-based book club chat for workplace learning & development practitioners.

This is an asynchronous chat running July 9-July 30. New questions post on Tuesdays and Fridays. Follow the @lrnbk Twitter account and remember to include the #lrnbk tag.


Q1: How aware are you of your own habit loops? Think of remembering your email password or ATM PIN. What is the cue, routine, reward? #lrnbk

Q2 Given that we have habits for everything, how much of our work day depends on habit more than intentional thought? What does this say about the business of L&D? #lrnbk

Q3 What are some individual habits that negatively impact workplace productivity? What are the cues/rewards for those? #lrnbk

Q4 Is continuous learning habitual? If not can it be made to be? #lrnbk

Q5 What is the role of learning In social networks: Reward or byproduct? #lrnbk

Q6 Motivation is critical in learning. How can Hopkins' rules be leveraged to increase motivation? #lrnbk

More questions on "Section 1: Individuals" coming Friday July 12.
Discussion of Section 2: Organizations begins Tuesday, July 16.

Jane Bozarth @JaneBozarth
Mark Britz @Britzhttps://twitter.com/britz

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