Friday, July 12, 2013

#lrnbk Chat "Power of Habit": Section 1, Part 2

Welcome to #lrnbk chat "Power of Habit" Section 1: Part 2

#lrnbk is an occasionally-happening Twitter-based book club chat for workplace learning & development practitioners.

This is an asynchronous chat running July 9-July 30. New questions post on Tuesdays and Fridays. Follow the @lrnbk Twitter account and remember to include the #lrnbk tag.


Q7 People need some kind of signal that a product is working. What signals does a good learning experience emit? #lrnbk

Q8 Consider the data that P&G collects, and how it is used. Are/What are parallels to the current “big data” movement? #lrnbk

Q9 Football: Why did the habits “fail” during the critical moments (i.e., playoff games)? What else was needed to make the habits permanent? What does this say about challenges in changing workplace performance? #lrnbk

Q10 What causes someone to change his/her behavior? Sustain that change? Implications for L&D? #lrnbk

Discussion of Section 2: Organizations begins Tuesday, July 16. Questions post at 7 am ET.

Jane Bozarth @JaneBozarth
Mark Britz @Britz

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