Friday, July 19, 2013

#lrnbk chat "Power of Habit" Section 2: Organizations, Part 2

#lrnbk is an occasionally-happening Twitter-based book club chat for workplace learning & development practitioners.

This is an asynchronous chat running July 9-July 30 on Duhigg's "Power of Habit". New questions post on Tuesdays and Fridays. Follow the @lrnbk Twitter account and remember to include the #lrnbk tag.

All organizations have habits, some good, some benign, some toxic. They can be intentionally designed (as with the Alcoa example) or may be accidental/unconscious. And like other habits, they can be changed. Chapter 6 focuses on the ways in which a crisis can shake up organizational routines, often for the better.

Q17 What’s the relationship between organizational culture and workplace habits? #lrnbk

Q18 What truces does L&D make, and with whom? #lrnbk

Q19 What unwritten rules guide L&D behavior in organizations? How did you learn them? #lrnbk

Q20 When have you seen a crisis with a silver lining, in your personal or work life? #lrnbk

Q21 Crises can be valuable to change routines. What crises have / will shake L&D? #lrnbk

Q22 Consumers can be creatures of habit, acting with little regard to current goals. What might this tell us about learners as consumers of information? #lrnbk

Watch for Section 2 wrap up questions on Friday.

Jane Bozarth @JaneBozarth
Mark Britz @Britz

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