Tuesday, July 23, 2013

#lrnbk Chat: "Power of Habit" Section 3

#lrnbk is an occasionally-happening Twitter-based book club chat for workplace learning & development practitioners.

This is an asynchronous chat running July 9-July 30 on Duhigg's "Power of Habit". New questions post on Tuesdays and Fridays. Follow the @lrnbk Twitter account and remember to include the #lrnbk tag.

The book's final section addresses societal habits and change, the growth of social movements, and the influence of strong and weak ties. As with other chapters, the need to replace one habit with another to achieve change is true here. The last chapter discusses the power of habit v. free will and asks whether we are always in control of/accountable for our behaviors.

Q23 Per Granovetter, why are weak-tie acquaintances more useful for jobseekers than strong-tie friends? Your experience? Generalizable?  #lrnbk

Q24 What are some examples of positive peer pressure? Results? Implications for workplace learning? #lrnbk

Q25 Would habits play such a large role in our lives if we didn’t have central pattern generators? Why/why not?  #lrnbk

Q26 Consider the Angie Bachman case. Why/not should she be held accountable for her behavior? How would you persuade fellow jurors to your point of view? #lrnbk

Q27 What keystone habit could encourage more people to vote? How would you address the 3 key steps of social change? #lrnbk

Q28 Could workplace culture change be considered a "social movement"? If so,what has to happen to achieve it? #lrnbk

Final questions on Friday!

Jane Bozarth @JaneBozarth
Mark Britz @Britz

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