Friday, March 30, 2012

"Organizations Don't Tweet, People Do" Chs 6-15, pt 1

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First let's look at Semple's considerable attention to the importance of writing, and blogging in particular: 

Q9)"Even if no one learns from what you write,you do: this may be the greatest reward." Agree? Enough to maintain a social diary but gain no inputs?  #lrnbk 

 Q10) What does the author mean by, "Social tools...are like a new form of literature?" #lrnbk

Q11) The author lists benefits to being open about your failings. Are there others? What's the downside? #lrnbk

Q 12)  "The more you give, the more you get." Agree? Examples? #lrnbk

Q 13) "As you do more of your learning in public, relationship w your boss changes" True? How? 

Q14) "The metaphor of the document has become a liability". How do we see this play out? #lrnbk 

Sunday: Leadership and etc. 

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