Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gawande's Complications Part 2

Gawande Pt 2 pages 109-186

Q8. What can Learning & Development learn about collaboration from Gawande?

Q9. p. 116 When Drs can't find source of chronic pain, tend to be dismssive of it. Do we/where do we see similar in L & D?

Feel free to throw out more questions.

We'll start the rest of Gawande on Thursday with wrap-up by next Monday.

Respond in Hootcourse, please.

Folks have indicated an interest in doing another book and the favorite is Three Cups of Tea. Don Bolen and Mary Steele-Pierce will be leading that one so I'll ask them to consider the schedule.

I'm traveling this week (Univ Wisconsin Conf on Distance Teaching & Learning) but will check in as I can.

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