Friday, July 16, 2010

King Part 1: Questions

Posted Wednesday, July 14
Q1. What were some of King’s critical learning moments? Why critical? Did they seem important at the time? #lrnbk
Q2. The 1st ½ of the book is essentially autobiography. Why do that in a book called “On Writing”? Purpose? #lrnbk
Q3. What did King have to learn about writing that had little to do with actually writing? Is there a message for L &D here? #lrnbk

Posted Thursday, July 15
Q4. King defines self not as a literary artist but a “good storyteller”. Does L&D have trouble distinguishing types of performance? #lrnbk
Q5. Based on PART 1 of book, what do you think King would say if asked about formal v. informal learning? #lrnbk

Posted Friday, July 16
Q6: How did part 1 influence/change (or not) your thinking about how people learn? #lrnbk
Q7) Why (or not) is the focused reflective process useful to learners? their instructors/trainers/teachers? (or not) #lrnbk
8)How much of what King learned came from chance or casual encounters with others? For the rest of us? Implications for L&D?