Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gawande's "Complications" Part 1, Day 1 July 27

New to this project? Details and overview here.

Conversations are asynchronous to accommodate those in varying time zones. We'll start discussion of Gawande's Complications on Tuesday, July 27, at 8 am ET. We'll begin with Part 1 "Fallibility" and will use hashtag.

As before, we'll be working in Hootcourse.Check 'hoots' first for tweets from me. Note that you can choose to keep your tweets within Hootcourse or publish them to Twitter. You can change this as often as you like.

QUESTIONS Gawande Part 1, Day 1, July 27:
(Due to the Twitter character limit let's refer to Gawande as "G", ok?)

Q1. After reading G, what are your thoughts on the practice of apprenticeship? How is apprenticeship different from mentoring?

Q2. G.'s perspective on talent is in stark contrast to King's. Your thoughts on talent now?

Q3. What ideas does G. offer about the 'right kind' of practice. (See the new heart procedure story page 29 and hernia clinic story p. 39.) Lessons here for L&D?

I plan to post the remaining questions about G. Part 1 on Thursday morning.

Feel free to bring up other issues/ideas. I am always up for additional questions so please add them to comments here or DM me on Twitter.

READING ON KINDLE? I am using the Picador 2002 paper edition since I already owned that. There's a tool that will help you match page numbers to approximate (I repeat: approximate) Kindle locations. From your Kindle launch your browser, and go to www.bookmonk.com . The converter tool is at the bottom of the page. You'll need to enter this information about the paper book:

Physical book pages 269
First chapter begins on page 11
Last chapter ends on page 269

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