Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gawande's "Complications, Part 1, Day 2: July 29

[New to this project? Details and overview here.]

Q4. p. 30: “You can't train novices without compromising patient care.” What implicit ideas does G offer that might minimize that?

Q5. p. 46 Gawande refers to himself as "doctor as guide". Do most Dr.s you know see themselves that way? Agree/disagree that this shld be role of Dr.?

Q6. G notes that even when machines can do something perfectly, we cling to idea of ‘human touch’. Do/where do we see this in L&D?

REST of Gawande Part 2 is shorter than Part 1 and deals less with Gawande's residency. Shall we talk about Part 2, say, from Monday 8 am to Tuesday 10 pm, then the rest of the book from Wednesday through Friday? Respond via comments here, please.

Note that I am traveling next week and will post Qs as I can. I am up for ideas for questions but so far no one has suggested any.

Also, several have asked about the next book. We didn't choose one. Do you want to continue? If so, we need ideas for books. Also: I'll want someone else to serve as, or help me as, leader for the next one. I might be willing to lead another sometime, but want to try it in Google Wave. Respond via comments here, please.


  1. The time frame for next week works for me. Thanks.

    Still thinking about possible titles, keeping "Chat for books on how learners learn" in mind. I like that King & Gawande were memoirs, a different perspective to learning about learning.

    Still a learner... but willing to co-lead some time.

  2. Time frame works for me, too - also traveling next week.

    Co-leading a future discussion sounds possible :)

    Next book - Continuing the memoir trend, maybe Teacher Man by Frank McCourt? Still thinking...