Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Closing the Book

I want to thank everyone for their contributions to this Lrnbk effort. Attention waned a bit towards the end which is likely due to several factors that a few of you have agreed with me on. Success of a book chat is really up to the individual and although I was hoping for more participation I found that this virtual book club mimicked a physical one in many ways and thus is an interesting study of online vs. offline organization. Some of the reasons presented, which can serve to benefit others are:

Book choice: The New Learning Architect was more of a hands on type read rather than a conceptual, interpretive book like the Power of Pull.

Questions volume: Less may be more. Although one shouldn't feel compelled to answer all questions presented, the thought of 20 at a time might be a wee bit overwhelming.

Question type: This relates somewhat to the book choice as the question may not solicit differences of opinion or other be of a nature that lends to continued dialog.

Dialog: Nothing inspires one to contribute when they feel they are being heard. In the absence of deeper conversation the desire to continue may fade.

Summaries: One suggestion is to have a summary writer ready and willing to tie up the conversation and bridge to the next section.

Finally, Life happens. Work, family, learning all have their place and priorities. Like many who expressed the same sentiment, I too got pulled away due to other demands periodically.

Harold Jarche's Blog title reads - Life in Perpetual Beta and from this I'm reminded that we learn, we adapt, we move forward. Many thanks to Jane Bozarth for sharing her space and I hope all learned a little something more by being present.

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