Tuesday, February 22, 2011

NEW Book Chat - The New Learning Architect by Clive Shepherd

This time around we'll be reading The New Learning Architect by Clive Shepherd. It's available on Lulu and for Kindle. Outside of the book choice, the dates, and the hashtag, much is the same as the last chat.

  • We'll use HootCourse. You can sign in with your Twitter account at http://hootcourse.com/course/1163/ . You can choose to publish your comments to the Twitter stream or not.

  • The Hashtag is #lrntect. HootCourse will automatically add this to your tweets.

  • The chat will be asynchronous again to meet the needs of people in different time zones

  • Questions will be posted here (each Wednesday starting March 9th) and people can join in conversation via the HootCourse link

  • The book has several sections (not identified as chapters). Last time around the group did well with about 60+ pages per week

All questions will be posted HERE at 8:00am EST on 4 consecutive Wednesdays starting March 9th

Thx to @mattiaskareld & @KristiBroom for suggesting the following reading assignments:

For Week 1 - March 9th: Introduction/ Time for a rethink/ Profile: Nick Shackleton-Jones/ One more time, how do people learn?/ Profile: Rob Bartlett / A contextual model for learning/ Profile: Sebastian Graeb-Konneker

For Week 2 - March 16th: Top-down learning/ Profile: Dick Moore/ Bottom-up learning/ Profile: Peter Butler

For Week 3 - March 23rd: Formal learning/ Profile: Julie Wedgwood/ Non-formal learning/ Profile: Tiina Paju-Pomfret

For Week 4 - March 30th: On-demand learning/ Profile: Darren Owen / Experiential learning/ Profile: Charles Jennings/ Putting the model to use/ Profile: Bill Sawyer

Looking forward to learning with you all!

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