Monday, December 1, 2014

New #Lrnbk Chat on "Don't Go Back to School" begins January 19

Sorry it's been so long! We're back with a Twitter-based discussion about Kio Stark's Don't Go Back to School, available from her site and from Amazon worldwide. 

About the Book
There's lots of good fodder for discussion. From a review:

"The book is based largely on Stark's own personal research (which I would best describe as ethnographic research in which she discovered four facts garnered from her interviews that are shared by almost every successful form of learning outside of school:

- It isn't done alone.
- For many professions, credentials aren't necessary, and the processes for getting credentials are changing.
- The most effective, satisfying learning is learning that is more likely to happen outside of school.
- People who are happiest with their learning process and most effective at learning new things - in any educational environment - are people who are learning for the right reasons and who reflect on their own way of learning to figure out which processes and methods work best for them." 

About #Lrnbk

Follow the @lrnbk Twitter account and the #lrnbk hashtag for the basics and check back here for the details. 

We'll begin on January 19, 7 am ET, and post a few new questions every few days. #lrnbk is asynchronous so you can join in whenever it's convenient. 

This time chat hosts are  @JaneBozarth, Mark Britz @britz, Helen Blunden @ActivateLearn Rachel Burnham @BurhnamLandD and  @Michelle Ockers.  We hope having hosts from all over the globe will ensure that conversation stays active and lively across time zones. 

We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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